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Emotional & Inclusive sex scenes checklist

Want to write sex scenes that heats up the page? You’ll want this checklist written by a certified sex educator and romance author.

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BOOK Coaching

Need help writing or finishing your book? Want to build a more inclusive world in your book? I can help!

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Introverted Author's Social Media Roadmap

Introverted author’s social media roadmap

Transform your social media strategy in 60 minutes! Because we have books to write.

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Favorite Analog Writing Tools

Fountain Pens & Inks: I use a variety of fountain pens and inks depending on my mood. If you’re new to them, I recommend starting with a Platinum Preppy, Pilot Kakuno, or a TWSBI Eco.

Shop from Atlas Stationers and save 10% with code THIEN-KIM10

Notebooks: For first drafts I prefer composition notebooks from CVS. They’re inexpensive and fountain pen friendly.

If you want nicer notebooks that are fountain pen friendly, my favorites are from Taroko Design on Etsy.

Digital Writing Tools

Plottr: Software that helps you plot our your stories on a visual timeline. If you use paper index cards, Plottr will work for you! You can also download it to Word or import to Scrivener.

NovelPadThis is the cloud-based software I use to write my initial drafts. I can write on my desktop, tablet, or my phone as it backs up everything into their cloud. It’s what I call “Scrivener-lite” as it has the features I like most from Scrivener. I like it for the ability to drag and drop to move scenes around, auto tagging what scenes my characters are in, and easy-to-use interface. Try it FREE for a month with my link.

Dabblewriter: I used this writing software before I found NovelPad. It’s similar to Scrivener as well but much easier to navigate. Save $20 with my referral link.

Calm app: When I have a tough time focusing or calming my random thoughts before a writing session, I use the Calm app to meditate.